Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(In this weekdays, there was an early day, not actually today)

Today was quite'o'rite!


Early day, had an orange, walked home, incidently Choda wanted to come over with her stinky amigos, they were NOT allowed inside my house, that would be f♥ckin suicide, she was loaned my g-ma's pants, which are incidently really damn comfy and look kinda gross, but the good outweighed the bad, it coordinated with her LZ shirt. Then said my good-byes as they went to Target or whereever.
Passed them on my bike a lil later, rode to Subway, ate alone, I very much liked it, it's relaxing, first time i took my bike to out to an actual destination instead of "wherever the road takes thou." He stood alone while I waited to see if I had enough cash for my veggie-delite appetite.
This lady 2-second chit-chatted with me, (really she wanted me to move my bike from the other single seater), she was very nice, I like it when strangers talk to me, it's nice.
Bike rode home, then decided, was too quick for a stretch of awesomeness, so I rode the yellow brick rode to the freeway, and over the passage, just so I could ride downhill, awesome. I was a little wheesy, and it was bit blazing hot with no agua in sight, THEN went home. BUT on the way down the yellow brick road, the parallel freeway contained a motorcyclist who honked, fuck yeah, cycle pride...

Hours of homework, leg fell asleep,
listened and caressed James Blunt's music & lyrics, but I don't go chasing people all the time,
so every same sound aggrivated me,
found "Classic Chicano Sounds" on thee iPod, perfeeccct.

Now, home...alone, where is thou fambam? Who knows...

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