Saturday, August 29, 2009

Demon Day'z

It's been really crazy lately,
this heat,
daily dose of catfights x 2,

plus the worst part...


my back tire was murdered, by what i believe is
the stupidest piece of plant ever made,
looked like a seed, shanks like a thorn.
So depresssing!

But something picked me up yesterday,
watched one of the coolest places thaat-I'll-probably-never-see.
At first it was people hating on being called a Refugee,
which made me rethink what the word meant.
Either forced out of your home or your land of citizenship.
Things to learn: too many, I'll do a "knowyoshit!" post in a bit

+ I love Tedddytedtedtedddyburrr Kennedy, you're a great man Teddy!
Au Revoir !

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