Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cirque Du Freak !!!!!!


I've severely lost my camera, maybe it was stolen by racoons who came in during our visiting hours of our home, they should have bought the house instead. My camera phone photos suck with my new old phone, they are tiny n chitty, 1.3 megapixels babyyy!

But for now...
oh-emmm-f♥cking-GGeeee YO!
Cirque Du Freak! Finally into a movie, I got the chills and almost turd my dress!
Whether it's good or bad, i don't give a shitz, it's Cirque Du Freak,
and one day I'm going to take over the directing and make it siiiick!
Just like how I originally planned! muahahha.hahauhdsehdwedw.
I really love that slick car in the background though, neaty-o.

little sneaky sneak! oh you, peaking tom!




"I've gotta million dolla beard y'alll!"

*OH yehhh, watch it hurrrr,


Taryn said...

Oh no! a lost camera is SO frustrating. I was positive I lost mine a week ago until I found it zipped into the side pocket of my purse.
I have never read the Cirque Du Freak books but from the pictures it looks like it's going to be really good :)

oh and I though I'd mention, my wavy hair is a result of a perm I got at the beginning of the summer that doesn't seem to want to go away :P

fashion nugget said...

a little confused with the selma hayek beard. is it a book series.
great blog.

Mary said...

Hahaha oh gosh.. beard...
I hope you get your camera back!

Alex Dom said...

i wanna watch!

yiqin; said...


Kinsey said...

Read the books a while back, loved them, thought they were really dark for a young adult book, I guess it was from my perspective and how I imagined everything. I am excited about the movie, but its not how I imagined the character to look, I thought they were all be a bit creepier.
I think I will go hunt the books down and re-read them!