Saturday, October 30, 2010


#1: Spent a whole Monday visiting LACMA & then having lunch at the Grove's Farmers Market, I love Los Angeles!

#2: Even if terrible and took long, getting back up on my feet and being "artistic"/aka PAINTS!

#3: Discovering my intellectual side (trust me, it's not about science)

#4: Spending more time in here, on a routine basis, I love shitting on schedule!

#5: Realized the most unserious conversation could ultimately be the damn frekkin cutest...

Life is good...
P.S. Also starting to study art in Spanish, I think education is try to telll me something..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ma cousine de la France est là!

Deeez iz mi prima who has to first names, cool eh? She lives in France, but is Polish/Asian. And seriously has been travelling for months, living off of the range of cousins. But she's sweet, speaks super soft, and everyone thinks she's 14 even though she's old enough for cigs, but not drinking...we're in Vegas, figuring out how not to bake in this monstrous heat.
We took her to Hollywood, Melrose, rich peoples' front yard to see the Hollywood sign, then to Santa Monica pier.
But before all this we took her to REAL Mexican food (my cousin's jont somewhere down this line of twisted family),
not the Baja Fresh she was told was Mexican food...pshhh & then we got fat YAY!!

P.S. She like always finishes her plate, in the nicest manner possible, but I know secretly there's a beast in her! She says its good fung shui. Or maybe she is just the skinniest fat person I know...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Auf Weidersein

I'm already shipped ahoy...but I will slowly piece out the trip in photos!
Day 1

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(Pretty much done packing) SON!
im thuuuper doooper stoked!

i wish i could take her with me, but she's no longer pocket size
...makes me sad when kids get bigger :(

my favorite sandwhich & cheap meal...its like >2.00$
freaking duuuhhlish...but jalapenos are hot mother f♥kers

then cupcakes next door, it's literally a death trap
but red velvet, taste bud heaven!!
(too bad they cost more than a damn sammich)

The euro-trip is actually a tour, but unfortunately this is not our bus(-tache)
ahhh freaking genius!! I love ridiculous people

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm feeling more European by the day

Ma's birfffday breakfest, we're birthday buddies for a week ;)

Summmer just kicked offf...and of course I'm bored as hellll. With no more schoolwork to panic about and have no time to sleep, I'm dying.
My health sucks, but HEY I'm traveling with a bunch of people with high medical bills next week
I'm freaking excited!!! First time out of the continent...I'm impressed with life already
But not to mention practicing and guessing mindless on pronunciation in German language
It still does not go through my head that most Europeans know English
but HEY, who wouldn't want the chance to say "Haaallooooo Guten Tag!"
I'm taking sserious cash from seriousssly the best birthday I've ever had
I can't put too many photos up because I don't want to expose my life too much to the ghost
who is even reading this on their new HP laptop
But it was the ridiculously amazing birthday weekend:
Surprise best friends hauling ass out of a car at your school (with flowers&singing 90s balloons)
Limo ride to Buca di Beppo & getting super bloated to the max...and having strangers sing to you
Going to downtown with vintage shops that are closed because your limo was late
But then WAIT! Oh look a surprise jazzzzz show! an actual jazz venue, not on youtube WHooooohfcjkdgfvjh
Downtown again with open shops and buying cool elephant & hand belts
Then BEEEEACHHHH & a chili place by the pier thats practically hotboxing your family and friends
sweeetlordbabyjesus i love my family and friends, and thanks mama jamma :')
people say "God is great", but wake up... "mom is greatest!"
ahhhh wonderful, but since I'm in German accent mode...

P.S. International Doughnut Day? Heck YESSS!! Helloooo free shit from Krispy Kreme

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day by day

1 Sibling's phone shot of whale watching (there was a whole room filled with zombie-like seasick kids passed out, freakin' great)

2 In reaction to the third photo

3 I ran out of my room because the clouds were so vibrant, although the shot itself is not of that much justice

Happy Mother's Day!

I know not everyone has a mother or motherly figure, but whether lost or absent in your life, mom is the most powerful thing. I didn't always have great buddy-buddy relationship with my mom, but over the years I realized life was passing awfully fast, and knew that I would never want to be one of those people who said "I wish I knew my mom better". And now I do have a great bond with my mom, I completely ignore her cranky side, embrace her love and devotion, and I love her more than ever! The ungrateful days have strayed away. Even though at times I never knew it, she has been by my side and even had the will to keep in the womb of course! I love you mama jamma & I hope you never forget that!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


People underestimate the art of recycling.
Cashing in tomorrow,
I say about $35

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Venice Beach...or canals, technically we didn't walk on the sand
just the itty bitty grains left on the sidewalks, full of
medical marijuana signs.
the homes are so sweet there, too bad people key windows...

Saturday, April 24, 2010


a sweet revenge in Dodgers defeating the Giants
it being Jackie Robinson Day ♥
& Slash playing the National Anthem at 7th inning

the feeling of accomplishment, with new pairs of $6 'n' under new shoes

realizing there is such thing as lightning in volcanic activity, that's the cherry on top

The weeks have been tiring but full of entertainment,
now I shall go keep myself from life and start studying for exams again...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

'til her daddy takes her T-bird away

Some good few hours of fun, slushie water, but purrrrfecto weather!
Get up & go to your local beach for some chillaxin' NOW!

(.not a glass cat...broken camera phone lens.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mis zapatos nuevos de la Rose Bowl Flea Market

They were woth the $40, in new condition. + it was love at first sight, i had to. It even made me a few friends.