Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bizzzy Bee

My wonderfull night to No Doubt, excuse the visual horrors and chetty photo quality, none of us had cameras, I had taken one, but we kinda couldn't open it to put in the film and forgot batteries, silly meh!

I just came back from Las Vegas this weekend, it was really nice. THE Hotel, is wierd but has a snazzy lobby, but Planet Hollywood, buffet, Oh-emmm-geee! The food was delish! And cheaper than most buffet. I ate like f♥ckin' a weeks supply of meals and years of sugar. Damn! And I was so successful on my unhealthy sugar strike. But I'm pooped, I've done so many things, and have gotten a new cell phone & CHOOOOZ! And a haircut! Wow! You've missed out on so muuch self!

But recently,
I love my life, no doubtaboutit!
Shit I'm supposed to finish reading Animal Farm, it's really crazy cool, but I have an attention span of a pinky finger (that doesn't make sense, but trust me it does).
Tomorrow I wanna develop my film, and see my Tia Anabanana, and sell my house, move n getta job, and start that wonderful lifestyle.


& a bike ride with mii new ayerrcut!

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