Sunday, August 30, 2009

"What Dreams May Come Chapter 1: Act I

Lately, like last week, I started two things.
first it was Miles Davis (my past-lifetime love), which I've only painted the background, but this photo came up when I had first attempted to find fingers playing the piano for a musicians point-of-view kinda thaaang with a jazzy early 30s setting, and somehow I found this cool lil puppa.

& second jumped to a Swedish breakfast, I really like it.
It's actually a good image in my head and the photos from make the visual image in my mind great.

We'll see when I actually finish up now.

I hadn't painted in over almost a year, the sweet smelly goodnesss of chemicals from who-knows-where invaded my nostrils, it was great.

I think I'm secretly attempting to come up with a gang of shitz (aka a portfolio) for an LA arts school on cal state campus, when I move to Long Beach, if ever.

So many crazy great things are going to happen in life, come rain or shine, I'm f&heart;scking excited!

P.S. yo diggity dawg, I e-mailed Amy Reed for a Chickdowntown giveaway, which I superiorly doubt I'll get to give, but still a thrill just to e-mail her!


Taryn said...

It would be so awesome if you got into Art school :) I bet you'd love it.

I read your entire comment on my life story post and I think it is so cool that you grew up in LA. Plus I know exactly how much it sucks to have your best friend live an hour away, mine does too.

yiqin; said...

I am excited for you too :D

Alex Dom said...

and i did say I didnt like cats but that picture is so cute!