Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey Self,

Sorry I've negelected you, not that I haven't really. Your thoughts are taking over my mind, You make too many assumptions and can't focus anymore. Your memory storage is sh♥t & that bike is really making you happy, yet no one willl share that with you. I believe today you noticed how lonely you are without your deeeedaley friends and how much you wish you had the time and privelage to be in West Covina and go on great adventures with them. But you don't because you're afraid, you're afraid the minute you leave your family that they'll suddenly dissappear and be damaged, and that you will have said goodbye which would be the sadder part. You want to always be by their side, but wish you had no anger engulfed in flames, because then you lose patience. You don't believe in God and have no one to talk to, seriously girl, you've got some mental shit goin' on. Try focusing on what's going on & store that file somewhere in your memory boxes, do not let it fade!

What happened to you, you fuck face!

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