Friday, July 17, 2009

Isn't He A Babe!


I found my first love,
and dropped $208 dollas on him,
which is literally the most expensive thing i've ever spent on
being the first gentleman i've ever loved,
it's absolutely fine

he's everything you want!
gentle, super tall, multiple ethnicities, has headlights just like us gals when we're cold, he's super smooth, and slow, yup he like to take things slow
like cruisin' for a bruisin' slow haha

he came with a lady friend (hint hint; look at the drop-bar)
& with a mini beach
but I can't wait to take
to Long Beachhhha!
LBC Baby, sup motha f♥cka! SBK homie!!
(crinkling and krangling fingers in wierd forms that don't make sense but reach the speed of light)

This is my transportation and darling, [insert name here].
He's hard to ride though, when he's all up on your kaboose and your churnin' the pedals with blistered feet, because you enjoy barefooted-ness than anything else in the world, on incidently blazin' hot concrete, what a dumbass.

Now I can finally feel like one of them chicks from "Now and Then." That movie is my idol for summatime, the only reason why I've ever enjoyed one summer in my life, this one. Because it influeneces and calls for...

New times, new adventures, new fun in the sun!!




My end of sumer shall be filled with lovely snackings of soda-pops//lolipops//milkshakes//ice cream filled cones, cool rider ridin', & smashing face!

Sounds good dont'it?

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