Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She graduated and no one believes it...

And now she's bored as hell at home, with all her young-ens still in high school taking summa school, so she spends her time MySpacing it at home and constantly avoiding thee Michael Mercal. And her moms constantly tells her she needs to find a job & I bug her too.

She is, The Deployed & Unemployed

Photos from June 11, not1975

This day was soooooooooooo INSANE! I lied but yeah it was pretty crazy... We pretty much did not have tickets to get inside the graduation that was packed with like a bajillion peeps and pimps and! ma's & pa's. But we sat outside far away, I was a blind man and the guarding gates were our home. The cheering reached beyond its max, and we ate poptarts and drank water from my traveling briefcase//with my brotha along. Right when we stepped on the field at the end in search for her, I pretty much skipped a few heartbeats because I had encountered this Armenian guy that I definitely love, but usually through far or cyber views, and there he was in front of me, beautiful, but I shall not exploit him... but I still want him to have my babies, biological or not.
It took half an hour for anyone to find her, the place was a hot mess, there was like I coulda sworn a thousand gradz. And everyone is perfect in this city, they all have wonderful faces, that are unique and super-twisted. I ran into many fellow old amigos that I hadn't seen in a whole year//s. But in that picture, that last one, is filled with frustration, fear and loathing, hapiness, joy, wonder, ponder, blanked-ness, stupidity, graciousness, blinking eye (singular because it was only mine), and him ( the Armenian doode). He totally passed by staring at the mini crowd of WE. It would only be 3 years til we were accomplished as well...
taking the same photo, hopefully I won't be at a different escuela by then though

But for now, let the good times come & go.

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