Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Success Pt.1

I really do enjoy this summatime, I really hate summer and the awful feelings it gifts me, but this one, I really like it, there's somethin' bout it...
And I've been a real busybee as well, I like that too
I've also been sweating my ballz off
I learned how to ride a bike almost yesterday, but the day before, it was wonderful besides the fact it was a kids and I totally ate it on the way baack,
so now my ass is killin' & somehow my whole knee hurts crazy, but there's only one bruise...on my shin.
It makes no sense
But now I have to figure how I'm going to use my birffday mula, choices CHOICES choices
so indecisive, that it could kill!
I can't stop going to Disneyland, that might kill me too...
BEACH CRUISER!!! Here I come???

I just watched Revolutionary Road yesterdaay, I really liked that too, my ma & pa thought it was depressing which is why they figured why I liked it. And I'm also reading The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson? Or somethin' like that, he also wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Both works are very good, with cool 50s settings,, meee likey mucho. I want to work on script writing again, I guess I'll continue with The Rum Diary after cleaning the garage tomorrow, fudddddge n' crackaaas!

Note to Self: You really wanna go to Frnace and live with foreign family for a whole month in December to relax and love another life...the End.

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