Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am not there,

because I'm always here, somewhat there//everywhere.

3 days, 2 nights. West Covina
4 days, 3 nights. Fonatanaanananabananarama
2 days, 1 night. Losangeles

3 more nights, then Lake Forest, then 2 nights, Rodondo Beach.,

I've spent over 100 dollas in the past almost 3 weeks of summatime...
& I have the receipts to prove it!

[Insert photo of shitty coolthings taken with pro-camera here]

Panera, Mediterranean Sammi, 7.
Skate park, junkfood, 3.
Goodwill, hobotiedyetank/prettypurplegoldethnicshirt/oldladyvestforher, 11'78.
H&M, parrotdress that eventually became ilonka's, 19'50.
Del Taco, ungrateful sista's & cousins food, 6'55.
Forever 21, nifty elephant thing shirt, 11'50.
Penny's, her grad breakfest & mine too, 20.
Comic Book Store, Star Wars Comic (Her gift), 10.
Dono Sushi, Veggie Delights & whoever didn't have money, 20.
The H&M Trippy Parrot Dress//Silly Thing with Elephants!

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