Monday, April 6, 2009

There's a first for everything:

Gig, specifically backyard punk gig.

I was excited//nervous, it was pretty not exciting

-walked 1/2 hour to there with Cleo
-Got at Kyle's house, bands takin a while to set up
-Breathin' loads of cigs n alcohol hand me downs
-Stayed for bout an hour
-Left for 5 minutes
-Went back to hear Manteca
-Walked back home 'round 11, took 1/2 hour
-Ran through sprinklers to shake off the smeellll

I thought it was pretty lame, but still grateful for the experience
Maybe the next ones will be cooler?

Thanks Cleo & Birdy for takin' care of me!

And f♥ck everyone on Spring break having fun!

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