Thursday, March 26, 2009


Orangeporange #1
Orangeporange #2
Orangeporange #3

I am craving orange lipstick, I've always looked at it and pictured myself in a flashback in the 60's wear I'm smokin' a cig with Andy Warhol, and shouting at him like crazy saying Jimi Hendrix is better than you'll ever be. Then I get diagnosed with epilepsy with all his damn flashing lights everywhere at his showcase. Then I come back to life noticing I don't have flawless porcelain skin, pin thin structure, winged out eyes, & grooovy style. It's such a wake up call. Only thing is, although I wear lipstick almost every day, I hate how it looks when you smile, it's so f♥cking disgusting! So then I'll refrain from smiling and laughing and look like a non-approchable bitch, then I'll hate myself for not being happy-go-lucky.

I'm sorry I accidently closed the window, but somehow saved the photos from this I believe Bacardi supported fashion show? And I all I know is the clothes are tribal n lovely, they're wearingg orangatangg lips, and that guy has cool jacket.

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Mary said...

I love it so much, but it's clash with my hair. I'm going to try something a little more coral maybe?
I LOVE the secon dress on the last row, and the face. She looks so charming!