Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hawaii #5 - Clown Fish and a story

I'm goin' to Hawaiiikikilayujuahnvjdfj b♥tches! Details? None. Not booked, yet super stoked, this is my "birthday present" that's actually from my G-maaa. F♥ckkkkk yeah! I'm so excited, I'll finally be like one of those people who travel like in those commercials with the cheesy 80's songs to attract the attention of those with the 1980's past. Although, I never gifts, anhhh I still won't ask, but I shall attempt to save up for that baby camerrrra from Nikon, I'll name it, feed it great sights, and never lose it! It's called thy Cannon EOS w/things that make it look like life is in HD (aka I could never afford).

One day everything will workout well, but then that would mean we couldn't explore the emotion, frustration, and what good would that be?
Now I will run along and make mental image of shit I want to take on my trip...excuse me

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