Thursday, March 26, 2009

Katy Perry x Jeremy Scott = Missbehave Magazine

Missbehave Katy Perry

Oh Shnazzzy pants! I need to go on a scavenger hunt to find this damn magazine! I've been interested in this mag for a few years, yet only have two issues, and this is their last printed issue, and then they go online! It makes me sad to not see it oversized-ness stick out of the pile of professional Vogues. Ya'know Missbehave is a relief from all the prestige-ness of all the others, this ones messy, fun, hot, it's like a drunk magazine. So yes! Invest your few dollars in this one, because it has superr fun opinions n cool shit like that, and if you live in ghetto areas, tell all yo cholita friends, they'll definitely diggg. If ya'know what I mean jelly bean! You may find it once at your local 7/11 or at Barnes & Noble in a badass city. But in the meantime check out their amazzzzzing bloggita. Only bad mama jammmas write on this shit, with the exception of Fat Jew & Albert the Boy Intern, yet they still got Samantha and Lesley Arfin, who happens to write some of the dopest thoughts ever, in "Dear Diary."

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