Thursday, March 12, 2009

Usually I'm not crying over Robert Pattinson, mainly because I have difficulties pronouncing his last name & not Shia LaBeouf's. But he only caught my eye in Harry Potter, but so did Ron Weasley(yeah, that red with the rat). Now this photo has changed my mind forever, he is beautiful, I don't usually say/write that bout any man. But his face is exquisite. And it might just be the eyes, or the matching Dior Homme suit to his eyes, or the siiick sexy oily hair, or the scruff, and the tie! It's sad to admit, in a way, but Bobby you are a beauty, and no I would not rape you in a room, but I may hyperventilate and you'll have to save my panick-y ass. Yeah, I like that story better.
Oh! And I cannot take you seriously in Twilight, sorry to be disrespectful, but it was uncomfortable to watch and quite funny though!

But sir, do not come to my house or let my mom see you, she'll abduct you, leave my father, and I'd hate you for you and your ever-lasting life.


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Lady said...

GQ: April 2009?

Robert Pattinson
Wool suit, $2,500, and silk tie, $180, by Dior Homme. Cotton shirt, $395, by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière.