Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chuck Norris is an ass kickin Legend

This a photo of me & mi hermano at Knott's Berry Farm, in photobooth, in the pre-summer, on a field trip. It was hot, awkward and creepy that day. While every person was making out with some person they've known for the 3 years and finally decided to have the balls to go for the gold. Me and my best friend we shittin' it up at their joke shop, blowing what we thought was billions of dollars on fake plastic flies, googly eyes, and other shit I can't remember, that came out to $20. But it was cool, because there was Southern accented lady, whom we practically interviewed, while she was workin at the register, who said she was going to buy the flies too for her next family BBQ. She was a sweet old african-american lady!

Last year, somehow my brother got into Chuck Norris facts. And so did the rest of the gang...So in the summer I bought him an au revoir gift. It was from urban outfitters, because they have super neat books and super sale items there. And it was siiiiiiiiiick!
400 Badass Chuck Norris Facts
It's the best $??.99 you'll ever spend in your life.

We don't usually look this cracked out, or this asian, in this case, the both of us! By the way this is me and my favoritest alien being, Ilonka. She's a very crazy lady! Whom i've been on many adventures with...

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