Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drew Barrymore is wonderful, she's gorgyyy porgy, and she's optimistic. Overall she's a happy woman. And always seems to have the coolest hair my personal favorite is the redhead phase where it was all beachy looking and fresh. But now it's bleache blonde which is cool too since she like's to mix it with 60's makeup & hair. She's super chill I could talk about her for days, I don't even know the lady, but I wish I did. I hope her and Jason Segel will make wonderful mysterious clown babies. That would be one legendary family...in my book!
She was in E.T., you pretty much can't get any better than that. Especially if you're starting to get into directing, about a teenage girl who finds herself in a world of badass roller girls. And your co-friends happen to be Ellen Page and a brand new piercing on your tongue, because you're just that cool.

Yes, I am somewhat drifting to start talkin' directly to Drew, thanks for your bubbly existense!

Homegirl is also in that movie, obviously, He's just Not That Into You, who plays a bootycall. (I have yet to see any movies in this recession/since i very much live in America) But she plays this chick I believe Edie, oh I wish I knew! I also believe in an HBO film Grey Gardens.
Oh! I wish I knew Drew. If anyone she should be the typical American girl. And if anyone is reading this, it's official, Drew Barrymore is the typical American Girl. Represent girl!!

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