Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Mellow Spring Monday

Hey! I'm on Spring Break! Yes, thank goodness gracious me! I need this break, wish it was a bit longer, I could at least refreshen my simplistic life and find more fun sh♥t to do.
Well today, or yesterday now, I woke up at 8:37 I believe, chilled with my pops, eating peanut butta sammys, before he goes to work (driving 2 hours away). He leaves, sadly, all by myself at home with not much to do. I was afraid some ninja would kick in the door and jack all the oreo cookies that we left, which was two, so I clung onto the computer for an hour or so, thenmy mind spoke the words, "F♥ck this, let's do something!" So I ended up meeting up with a friend, what was supposed to be Starbucks, but instead traveled from the skatepark, to 7/11, then off to exchange Floutita's coins in her cool piggy bank at Stater Brothers, then decided we're hungry, off to Panera Bread, then CVS, Target, corner where I instantaneously decided to go back home and said au revoir, back to skatepark, and home sweet home. I walked in with a frozen face and kitty cat afraid of the chilly breeze.
I wish I took photos of what happened today, which actually wasn't much, but it was nice & mellow. We also gave like probably ten dollars maximum to those cool homeless people that your mom probably doesn't let you talk to, in front of the supermarkets and stores. Then we saw the same guys a few times, and they recognized us, saying sweet things like God Bless You. Which cheered me up, considering I'm an atheist, but you know it's nice to see other people believe in something so powerful, ya'know what I mean jelly bean?
I was sad to see Floutita go, but she had her own plans, as I walked home listening to repeats of "I Lust You" by Neon Neon & grabbin' a 75 cent ice cream from the skatepark. It was a nice walk, the mountains were literally in HD, I spent more time pettin' my pretty kitty and cleaning.
Today was sweet, plus I got some new bangin' earrings that my mom definitely loathes! And I had a cool new mediterranean sammy with some yummy ass fruit punch!
Oh yeah, we talked bout Coachella, God, Food, Death, Candy Stores, Surgeries, Her Mancandy, Happiness, Thrift Stores, Drugs, Ditchin', Jacking, & the mysteries of depression...

This weeks rough sketch:
Yesterday- Soothing lunchtime with Floutita
Today- Wanderlustin' with Cleo
Tomorrow- Beachtime with Linguini & Friends? If there's room.
The Day After Tomorrow- Mini makeover on Vagoina, she wants to be Bohemian-ified!
Friday. - Chillin with mama jama!
Weekends- I never know...

Now, today is a new mystery, after I get my sleep!

The skies haven't looked this cotton candy-eed in a long time, which is why this photo ain't recent, miss you mother nature!

cotton candy skies

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