Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Ilonka

This is Ilonka, absolutely thy greatest person in the world, we now live an hour away from each other, and see thou every two months. She has a boy named a name that starts with a "J." I can't remember what it is, well she's smarter and stupider than me, all my W.C. friends are. They is cracked out mothaf♥ckas who love to go to Goodwill and take photos wearing cool hats along with an asian similar lookin' dude to the cool guy from The Karate Kid. Yep, that's what the people I love are like. They now go on cool adventures and make up really good jokes and vocabulary. I miss them with much missing and it kills me when we have a mini-union and they're laughing away wish inside jokes and 'bout chicks & dicks I have no clue 'bout.

But yeah she's unexplainable, has been for the 7+ years she's existed in my life.
(And that's my favorite photo of her, it's so beaner and awesome!, from2007)

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