Sunday, March 22, 2009

A tip off the hat to you

These are beautiful photos of gorgeous items from "The List" on I like the mellowness of the first photo, and how her lips accentuate the dramaticness as well. There's this thing with beaded collar looking necklaces that I think is so wonderful, like in this one magazine, I believe InStyle, where Donatella Versace has an interview with many of her jewelery pieces, and the most elegant outrageous badass necklace there was, was of a 1920's beaded necklace inspired by the Egyptian times, when people were discovering the ancients ruins and such. It was such a neat piece, because it had rubies, diamonds, and emeralds with little beatle prints. And that's when I fell in love...
Top hats are so dope, they could either feed off some elegant and classy feel, even if you were wearing it with like American Apparel golden booty shorts. Then it also reminds you, of course, of the circus! I love circuses, it's such a wonderful thing, with the animals and the "freaks". You know it was a way to escape, but people were also showed off as freaks, which sucks monkey balls really. But the lifestyle was intense, you have to admit. And those last two wedding rings are sweet!

Fremont Exclusive - Beaded Collar

Pave Top Hat by Tarina Tarantino

Holding You Forever Rings by Alex & Chloe

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