Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish?

There's not many white people at my school, the majority has to be Latino or African American. But out of those people you would be seriously suprised how much of them are actually Irish or even part, unlike I, who bullshits every ethnicity there is. Because I am, just, that mixed.
A lil sistaaa and I roamed 'round the house lookin' for green, then I remembered I had this awesome emerald shirt, one of my favorites, actually. Then I stained thy lips with a strawberry colour and slapped the pounds of gold on.
I love this cool guy from FlickR...


So here's the cool green shirt and my rediculous face/self. I didn't really wear the blazer, it's only for tonight. Imagine if I wore that stupid blazer during three hours of damn testing for the oh darn-o high school exit exam? Oh my, I would've torn it to shreds.
The shoes are Made By Elves, but I believe Made By Leprachauns would've been way siiick! Yuck, I need to vacuuuuuuum that deserted room! And I felt like a pinup girl just not gorgeous, but definitely happy! Dear lordy sweet baby jesus, I need a good camera, one day...one day.
Marchyyy 031
Marchyyy 017
That's not mine, I really wish it was though, well no, not really. Today I finally had a lunch with Cleo and I didn't even chill with her. I got lost in translation today, most likely left with an unintended truency and one dollar for food for the rest of the week. Man, what the hell goes on in my life?
But it's cool, I guess, because Cleo lent her Ipod to me, which includes this super cool song, by Neon Neon called 'I Lust You'. It's superr snazzy and so is a lot of her music, compared to my constant reggae & rastafari tunes.

Ahhh... this is the whole-ish outfit. Oh no! Full body pic! Everyone, quuick grab a bag to barf in!
blehhhh blahhh jkghieurghtjk

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