Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet Cleo

Ahhhhh! I was lookin at Cleo's Ipod photos, she has like five of them:
Her fruity tooty Birdy, some photo, a photo of her, anotha photo of her

Then SNAP! I realized it was a photo of her takin a shadoobie (sh♥t)

It was funnny, I'll ask her why it's there, because I have no clue!

But yeah this is Cleo, I met her in my class, she's one of the coolest people I know/barely know. She has great adventurous stories and is chill. We both agree that one day we need to treat ourselves t something materialistic such a dress or shoes. in her current case, the Prada robot key chain. We hunger for cool sh♥t!
(Besides her dopeness, she used to have dimple piercings, but took them out due to some wierd shidnitt growing next to it.)
She also looks like Selena Gomez, probably prettier, because she doesn't wear much makeup and invited my vegetarian ass to a steakhouse the first time we were gonna hang out, but she ended up comin over my place at 10pm and fallling in love with my cat.
Now she has a cool new puppy, Butterfly & her cat is preggo in the eggo. But so are three chicks in my class, but that's a different story...

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yoooo. said...

haha, i wish i had a friend like cleo.
lovely blogg!