Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ma cousine de la France est là!

Deeez iz mi prima who has to first names, cool eh? She lives in France, but is Polish/Asian. And seriously has been travelling for months, living off of the range of cousins. But she's sweet, speaks super soft, and everyone thinks she's 14 even though she's old enough for cigs, but not drinking...we're in Vegas, figuring out how not to bake in this monstrous heat.
We took her to Hollywood, Melrose, rich peoples' front yard to see the Hollywood sign, then to Santa Monica pier.
But before all this we took her to REAL Mexican food (my cousin's jont somewhere down this line of twisted family),
not the Baja Fresh she was told was Mexican food...pshhh & then we got fat YAY!!

P.S. She like always finishes her plate, in the nicest manner possible, but I know secretly there's a beast in her! She says its good fung shui. Or maybe she is just the skinniest fat person I know...

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