Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day by day

1 Sibling's phone shot of whale watching (there was a whole room filled with zombie-like seasick kids passed out, freakin' great)

2 In reaction to the third photo

3 I ran out of my room because the clouds were so vibrant, although the shot itself is not of that much justice

Happy Mother's Day!

I know not everyone has a mother or motherly figure, but whether lost or absent in your life, mom is the most powerful thing. I didn't always have great buddy-buddy relationship with my mom, but over the years I realized life was passing awfully fast, and knew that I would never want to be one of those people who said "I wish I knew my mom better". And now I do have a great bond with my mom, I completely ignore her cranky side, embrace her love and devotion, and I love her more than ever! The ungrateful days have strayed away. Even though at times I never knew it, she has been by my side and even had the will to keep in the womb of course! I love you mama jamma & I hope you never forget that!

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