Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm feeling more European by the day

Ma's birfffday breakfest, we're birthday buddies for a week ;)

Summmer just kicked offf...and of course I'm bored as hellll. With no more schoolwork to panic about and have no time to sleep, I'm dying.
My health sucks, but HEY I'm traveling with a bunch of people with high medical bills next week
I'm freaking excited!!! First time out of the continent...I'm impressed with life already
But not to mention practicing and guessing mindless on pronunciation in German language
It still does not go through my head that most Europeans know English
but HEY, who wouldn't want the chance to say "Haaallooooo Guten Tag!"
I'm taking sserious cash from seriousssly the best birthday I've ever had
I can't put too many photos up because I don't want to expose my life too much to the ghost
who is even reading this on their new HP laptop
But it was the ridiculously amazing birthday weekend:
Surprise best friends hauling ass out of a car at your school (with flowers&singing 90s balloons)
Limo ride to Buca di Beppo & getting super bloated to the max...and having strangers sing to you
Going to downtown with vintage shops that are closed because your limo was late
But then WAIT! Oh look a surprise jazzzzz show! an actual jazz venue, not on youtube WHooooohfcjkdgfvjh
Downtown again with open shops and buying cool elephant & hand belts
Then BEEEEACHHHH & a chili place by the pier thats practically hotboxing your family and friends
sweeetlordbabyjesus i love my family and friends, and thanks mama jamma :')
people say "God is great", but wake up... "mom is greatest!"
ahhhh wonderful, but since I'm in German accent mode...

P.S. International Doughnut Day? Heck YESSS!! Helloooo free shit from Krispy Kreme

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