Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 x DDRF #1

is still a rollin' in April, I've made choices that I shall try to follow through with:
-write a book based on my friend's story in order to help her acheive a greater and more meaningful life (BIG one right there, ehh??)
-paint more often, i simply just miss it, i really do
-go beachin' like no ones business
-start working again
-raise those grades sistaaa!!
-finish READING Pride & Prejudice (simply impossible)
-Finish reading: Everything is Illuminated, Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, Exit here., No One Belongs Here More Than You
-Gather enough junk & cool s**t to have a booth at the Rose Bowl Flea Market
-Save up for summmma bebe!
-Take more pictures with phone
-Have fun & Be happy...most importantly!

P.S. I held a Haiti benefit, it was pretty damn rad. I encourage people to take on a project out of your league and totally emerse yourself in it, especially if it benefits others...and do it with niice friends, its even better.

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