Sunday, December 27, 2009

C H R I S S M A S ! T I M E S

christmassstimeishere 029a

christmassstimeishere 028a

christmassstimeishere 030a

christmassstimeishere 034a

Eve & Christmas are the best of course my horse! Fun freakin' fantastic time with family, lil' chilly and shopping galore...for other people, burned a hole in my feet and my wallet!
Received many cool gifts mostly jewelery, I also own half a laptop! ...along with my sista sista, how nice of my pops right? He got it on super discount too ;)

+ wooden flute/recorder thing with a carved llama, mickey hippie purse, whats your poo tellin' you book, money money money monaaaay, love n compassion, oh shit yeah & badass 40s style shoes that match my flight chaqueta, gracias mamasita!

Gave out:

tamales (so everyone has something to unwrap) jk jkjkjkjkjk;
dresses, capes, books i never returned, nice colored scarves, super sweet hello kitty chapsticks, chocolate, coin purses with gay slogans, accidently wasabi flavored gum, teddy-grams that ive never seen, a bird stand, cheese spreaders, digital keychain, n gnome pajamas F * * K Jahhhh

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