Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is Mi Espacio


"This is actually as clean as it gets, and normally there's at least a pillow, a blanket, a cat, five bottles of water, 10 notebooks, 7 recent magazines, 3 yellow pads, and just papers. The typewriter is a Remington that my G-ma gave to me, it was my granpapa's. I only type in it occasionally for important or sentimental notes of wisdom or occurring events. I have lots-of-love in my room from elephants from Marshall's, to wall-pockets from India, or coin purses from Greece, But it's usually a big mess made with love, but lately it had to be "presentable" for real estate agents to take it all away! So this is practically a memorial or ode to my Dear Desk. And I recycle a butt-load, have paints everywhere secretly hidden underneath, and my bed is secretly where I actually work at. And I really don't use pillows or sheets, because my cat just sheds her butt hairs on them. And there's nothing like a gracious dictionary & greek mythology encyclopedia cuddling with a 1950's Remington?"

-Words to Yoke Magazine, they like messy spaces, to bad mine was too clean!

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