Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Second Half of A Story


I almost forgot the other real reason this morning to why I was so delighted n filled with colourful jazzy sparkles.
But it was because my mom finally met our neighbors across the street, and earlier I had waved hi to them, but she said the lady thought I was a really happy gal, and that made me super happy somehow, just something 'bout it is wicked sweet.
Then she said that my neighbor looks really sad and her parents are really strict (really right on target), then things were mellow again.

Later on I will be going to Disneyland with my baaad mama jamma, and you know what, we are going to have fun! Whoooo!! Just like the days in kindergarten where she'd take me out out early on Wednesdays to go.
I'm excited & it's a fresh summer breeze to be going to the "Happiest Place On Earth" Yeee!
Woah man woah! If you re-arrange those letters it spells, H - O - P - E ! Holy shit ballz.
Then after I'll be cleaning garages in Lake Forest for a few days, damn.

I'll miss my bike! Bye Babe ! For now, almost time for nighttime magic!



Anonymous said...

i really like your blog ! it's very nice and the photo's are way cool.

haha, right toe looks like yours ?! wierdd. xD

rachel said...

LOVE your blog :)
and I love getting new neighbours :)

rachel said...

and yeah, it's kind of hard to hear the video, but I have an English accent. A lot of people say it's a lot like Emma Watson ahaha

Sacha said...

I love the vintage picture of the disney characters and that vintage ad for disneyland is really cute.

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