Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Self inflicted questions

How To Be - Screen Cap
Robert stop sabotaging my blog, and state of mind! So yeah he's in this independent film, and he plays a guy who reads a self-help book written by another guy. And well the trailer is sweet and it makes me want to cry, because I think we all have severe breakdowns and hate when skinny cute bitches are the assholey girls in the film and you feel bad for the guy who can't have her? Just like in Once, only this one is called How to Be. It's sincerely good lookin' and attractive with all the loser English dudes in it, it's so appealing. And you want to cry more because you know you've read a self help book yourself trying to figure out what kind of depression you have and end up with all of them. Then you try to eat healthy, exercise, be positive, and let all those blasted brain chemicals help you out. And then! You have a pending library late fee, for the book, with such a cheesy and intriguing name, The Chemistry of Joy. And yeah, that's pretty much my self-help story, maybe yours as well too, I should really return that book though. Maybe this movie will help just as much, and for anyone, you should get that book, it's really cool.

And please local movie theatre, open up Happy-go-Lucky, I really need the cheer me up shit right now. I'm lookin' for another deep mindful cleansing.

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