Sunday, November 29, 2009

Book Two: Chapter 4

I have now flown south to my new nest and have settled for the winter,
my new pad is very suhhhhwayttt!
It's like tri-level, and very comfy.
And I am sooooo happy for the holidays
& I've already had three life changing experiences since moving here:

un, moving here.
du, going to a hard ass school that may give me big options ( which is great for my undecisiveness right?)
twa, watching Up .

Holy s&^* I cried so hard in the first five minutes and wanted to cry throughout,
but it brought such joy and meaning to my life,
but once I entered the real world, I was disappointed,
but still I am one happy lady because of this movie
and look forward to life more than ever!


*dude the space scenes in star trek are so cool!
**black friday was fun, and we super budgeted, so it was like a damn scavenger hunt, besides all the grueling scoundrels racing besides you with their 5,000 pound tv, damn them.
***I'm bummed I want to watch Modern Family and SUnny in Phillie NOOOOOW, por favorrr!
****Thanksgiving...lasted 2 hours...howsad.

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