Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming to Coming Home

10.17.09 002a

10.17.09 001a
Preety much exploiting everyone,
mama jamma was throwing a super secret 70s party
for my tia, and I went to homecoming instead,
(with scary makeup n height, but my everyone liked it [butme])
which I wish I didn't go, it was lame
and cost me $35, but I'm leaving soon
and it made my mom happy.

So I left the dance early, sick and tired
and happily barefoot and walked alone in the night
with cyotes to the ballroom for the party,
where the ENTIRE family was.

*Note: The "Studio 54" poster has to with this raunchy hip club in the 70's, but I made it 50 because my Tia was turning the uber olden but golden 5-0!

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