Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh you came in with the breeze//On sunday morning


Left family, switched phones to a functional one (my mom's old phone with shitty tiny photos) but stilll al'good, chilled to musica caliente at V's house, got ready freddy, watched people out the windows on the way, encountered tooo many booties! (shoes)Uhhh we saw & heard Gwen + No Doubt, so F♥cking spectacular, amazing, wow, wow. V, B, & Me danced and sang pretty much the whole night, there n back.
Beautiful we all drowned in our own tears.
1. The Sounds
2. Paramore
3. No Doubt !

4. Gotz-mi-ashirtz
5. V played music with her feet-pod.

I really want to go to the San Diego show, life-crazy-noticing-changing-metamorphosis-experience.
Words, any kind of media can't explain.

But! Cheeeet was drivin' me crazy, dancing, jumping singin' barefoot, stepping on popcorn, B has sooooo much energy & dance gurrrl, you cannot compare! V doing the wax on wax off, me, just being a big galoot-no rhythemed me. We can sweat dude. I want to get B a tee for hurr birffday, since she didn't get one herself.

I went to the beach today, actually yesterday, I have to develop the film, it's going to be spankin', if we put it in right in the first place (or else I blame Ilonka)

I want to cut my hair again, like "back in the day.,"

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