Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of the Moment

Josie, Tre, lazy, f♥cking despise school, 20 more days, lazy, lazy, pointless, slow, stupid, suck-ass, shit, f&heart;sck, fatness, food, throwup, barf noises, fridays can suck it, it's not even friday, spanish is getting complicated, biology too, I hate drawing, don't want to draw anymore, someone hand me a tub of bottles of paints

By the way, new identity: TCT (Temporary Camel Toe)
This is the personal name you get when you start hangin with metal petals, which is a group of people who constantly play guitar & f&heartsck 'round 24/7, including:
Chode-a, Metro, Shitstain, Asscrack, Twat, Turd Burglar,
& NOT Frank the Tank

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