Sunday, March 8, 2009

What is not going on in my life, but really should:

Walking around town to calm down my extreme wanderlust
Finding the energy to interest myself to actually dress the way I would like to
Buying a camera to make super nice photos, like other people have that somehow become very successful in luring people through the eyes
Becoming active, so I have even more energy to focus on my wanderlustin' after school adventures
Buy more fruit! Because they're very delicious & nutritious!
Starting an art program for them cool lil kids who practically live in hospitals
Selling some artwork to actually donate some dough to U.N. organizations
Start writing my epic moment stories on paper.
Finish my screenplays
Overall be a healthier, happier, crazier version of myself
Overcome my constant negativities
Finish reading my 3-step self-help book, and turnin' it in on time at the library
Actually attempt to be great at the UNICEF contest this year, and somehow work with Ilonka, and win the beautiful trip to Italy.
Find a job in this grueling American recession, to actually accomplish any of these things
Love everyone, everything, and anything
Improve memory

Sht this is a very long list.

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